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    "Chris played and still is playing a vital role in helping me set life goals, create a road map to those goals, and then provide me with the tools to achieve that clarity required to arrive at the goals I set within the timeline I chose.

    It's more than just coaching, Chris shares his perspective of life and introduces a simple yet effective way of living.

    Anyone who seeks life, financial, and professional improvement would benefit from attending one of Chris's Free Initial Consultations."

    Levent Cankatan

    Sales Executive - Los Angeles, CA

    What you get:

    A program that not only will serve as a one-stop-shop for everything needed to build LYFE clarity…but one that has a timeline attached with it and an “information overload proof approach system!”

    What is LYFE all about?

    A holistic program that will improve every part of your LYFE in 3 months. LYFE Contains 4 simple principles Intention, Value, Authenticity, and Design. Combining these 4 principles allows you to Live Your Fullest Expression. It's that simple and LYFE isn't supposed to be complicated. IN FACT, nothing should be complicated, and if anyone says otherwise, they haven't challenged themselves enough to do better.